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EUREKA is a womenswear label based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The brand name EUREKA - originates from Greek - means as an exclamation of finding something. Finding new discoveries in designing harks the spirit of this brand.

As an Indonesian brand, we want to explore different possibilities towards the traditional batik-making, be it experimenting on the raw materials themselves, motifs, and/or even giving a unique end-placement result on the garments. We maintain the traditional wax-resist dyeing process, while the source of inspiration for the motif in each collection differs, in order to convey a unique, individualized story.

Created in 2019 by Frederika Cynthia, EUREKA designs ready-to-wear pieces that will make you look twice. The design philosophy of the brand always seeks in-between sophistication and functional garments with attention to details.

EUREKA’s collections are dedicated to every individual who is daring, feminine, appreciates the art of process and loves a touch of handmade details.

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